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Snana Powder Snana Powder Snana Powder Snana Powder
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Snana Powder


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"Matangi" Snana Herbal Bath Powder — Your Ultimate Natural Skin Ritual! Experience the magic of 13 carefully chosen natural ingredients, including vetiver, orange peel, and avaram poo. This unique blend not only addresses common skin issues but transforms your bath into a revitalizing ritual. Beyond fixing specific concerns, Snana Bath Powder gently exfoliates, leaving your skin cleaner and softer. Say goodbye to body odor and hello to a fresh, revitalized you after each use. Dive into the essence of carefully selected ingredients, and let Snana redefine the art of self-care for you today! ✨ 100% Natural & Herbal ?Organic ingredients ❌ No preservatives ? Vetiver calms irritated skin ? Orange peel refreshes with antioxidants ? Avaram poo promotes overall skin health Ingredients used: Green Gram Bengal Gram Wheat Almond Veettiver Rose Petals Kasturi Manjal Poolan Kizhngu Puraka Pattai Avaram Poo How to use: Take 15 gram of Snana bath powder in a bowl, mix with 40ml water to form a paste (for dry skin apply coconut oil/olive oil/almond oil 30 min before having bath), apply to all over the body and finally wash thoroughly.